15 best known free SEO tools

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Many of you already know these tools.But that does not mean they deserve less place on our list. They are always among the best free tools available.

And if you do not know them, try them.

They are definitely the basic tools that should be part of every SEO’s toolbox.

Here they are (in no particular order):

Answer the Public – Massively retrieve Google’s autocomplete queries and split them into different lists. Very useful to discover the questions that people actually ask in Google.

UberSuggest – Finds thousands of keyword tips from a starting keyword. No registration required and all keywords can be exported to a CSV file. The word cloud is an interesting feature.

Note: Keyword.io and the Google Keyword Suggestions tool (by SEOChat.com) are very similar alternatives.

Soovle – Google Scrapes, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube and Answers.com to generate hundreds of keyword ideas from a seed keyword. Very powerful tool, although the user interface can work with some works.

Hemingway Editor – Improves the clarity of your writing by highlighting hard-to-read sentences, “weak” words, etc. An indispensable tool for bloggers (I use it myself).

Chrome Developer Tools – Chrome web-based debug tool. Use it to debug page speed issues, improve webpage rendering performance, and more. From an SEO technical point of view, it has endless uses.

Beam Us Up – SEO Exploration Software. Great free alternative to Screaming Frog. Integrates with Excel and Google Drive. Available only for Windows.

Google Keyword Planner / Trends / Webmaster Tools / AnalyticsSheets – Essential tools for all SEOs. Search and search for keywords (keyword planner) and identify trends (trends). Identify and fix website issues (Webmaster Tools). Analyze how many people visit your website, who they are and where they come from (Analytics). Gather, process and analyze all kinds of data related to SEO (Sheets).

Bing Webmaster Tools – The official Bing tool suite for webmasters. Very similar to Google Webmaster Tools. Add a sitemap, determine problems with web pages, etc.
Yandex Metrica – 100% free web analytics software. Includes heat maps, form analyzes, session responses, and many other features that you would not normally see in a free tool.

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