19 best SEO tools “Freemium”

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Most “big” SEO tools have a “freemium” package.

And when we say limited, it’s generally very limited. As there is a multitude of “freemium” tools, we have tried to mention only “unique” tools to avoid duplication.

I guarantee that every SEO professional will use at least 3 to 4 tools in this section. Some tasks simply can not be accomplished without them.

19 best SEO Freemium tools

Here are the best SEO tools “freemium” (again, in no particular order):

Ahrefs – An all-in-one SEO tool and industry leader. Use Site Explorer to check back links, Explore keywords for keyword research, and Content Explorer for content search.

SimilarWeb – Estimated traffic metrics for (almost) all websites. It also tells you where this traffic comes from (for example, organic, paid, etc.) and even lists the main reference domains. Very powerful for competitive research.
Readable – Analyzes the “readability” of your content and helps you “reduce noise”. It checks various readability scores (eg Flesch – Kincaid, Gunning Fog, etc.), text composition, etc.

PublicWWW – Searches pages on the web using fingerprints based on source code. Useful for finding affiliates of your competitors, websites with the same Google Analytics code, etc.

Screaming Frog – Advanced Website Analysis Software. Available for Windows and Mac. Free for 500 web pages (with limited features).
Keywordtool.io – Removes Google Autosuggest to generate 750 keyword suggestions from a source keyword. It can also create keyword recommendations for YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and more.

KWFinder – Searches long-tail keywords with low difficulty from a starting keyword. Also shows search volume level, cost-per-click (CPC), and keyword difficulties.
SERPWatcher – Rank tracking tool with some unique metrics (eg, “dominance index”). It also displays estimated visits and ranking charts, among others.

Kraken.io – Boost website images to increase website running speeds. It also saves storage space and bandwidth.

Buzzsumo – Find the most connected and shared content in any niche, as well as the best performing content of your competitors. If you already have content, it may reveal influencers that might amplify the content.
Grammarly – improve your writing by discovering spelling and grammar errors. It also offers suggestions for improvement. Browser-based application, but also integrates with Microsoft Office.

GTMetrix – an advanced tool for analyzing the loading speed of your website. It also gives concrete recommendations on how to make your website faster.

Mondovo – A package of SEO tools covering almost everything from keyword analysis to rank tracking. It also generates various SEO reports.

SEO Site Checkup – Analyze various technical SEO issues on page / page, monitor rankings, analyze competitors, create custom white-label reports, and more.

Copyscape – advanced tool for plagiarized content discovery.

Hunter.io – Find the email addresses associated with any domain in seconds. It can also discover email addresses for specific people working for specific organizations. All you require is a name and a domain.

Yoast SEO – Perhaps the only SEO plug-in you’ll need for WordPress-based websites. Allows you to optimize meta tags and content, generate instant sitemaps, and more.

Whitespark Local Citation Finder – Finds the websites and directories on which you should list your business. It also examines your competitors and monitors the growth of quotes. A must for anyone involved in local SEO.

URL Profiler – Content and backlink audit tool. Integrates with Ahrefs, the Google Search Console, Google Analytics and most other great SEO tools. It is also useful for web scraping.

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