5 strategies for creating content worthy of links

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As a SEO and content marketing professional, you already know that back links from relevant and highly influential sites are essential for first place in Google search results.

1. Use info graphics, images and videos

I do not know you, but I can not read an article very long if it has no image or visual. Research indicates that the human brain processes images nearly 60,000 times quicker than text. The visuals make your content more attractive and easier to understand.

2. Use original data, research and survey results

You can search for relevant data for your content in different ways, for example:
Retrieve statistics from sites like Statista, Pew Research, or sector research organizations. They have huge data libraries and studies on virtually every subject.
Collect data from different sources and publish it in one article. Not only does this help readers get all the relevant statistics on a particular topic in the same place, but this usually results in dozens of back links.

3. Add interviews, quotes and expert analysis to your content

Adding interviews with industry experts or authoritative quotes to your content has almost the same impact as using original data and research. Just like data, expert commentary and analytics add credibility to your content, making it more worthy of links for other site owners and webmasters.

4. Share experiences, case studies and success stories

Another effective strategy for attracting links is to share your own experiences and case studies, as real-life experience adds credibility to the content.

5. Create detailed content, step-by-step guides and tutorials

When it comes to earning natural back links, detailed, well-researched and actionable content always takes precedence over thin content without any new ideas. After all, why would everyone link to content that has no actual value?
Usually, this content worthy of a link tends to be relatively long.

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