How does Google’s latest Algo updates impact SEO?

Someone asked me what was the last Google “small” update of September 27th. The only thing I could tell him was that spammers from the black hat tie had seen him first.

Does this mean that the recent update was linked to spammy links? Probably not.

Black hats tend to create sites that consist essentially of a set of landing pages based on keywords related to purchases. So, that could have been an update related to the content. It could have been a lot of things.

google latest update

If you want to put money on it, the safest bet would be on the likelihood that it’s about relevance.

By focusing on the type of spam that Google “targets”, it is rare, in my opinion, to reflect the improvements made to Google’s relevancy. So let’s leave aside the considerations on what Google could have targeted.

It’s best to try to understand how Google ranks websites today.

Google artificial intelligence algorithm

Google’s latest algorithm does remarkable things. In my opinion, the most recent changes to the algorithm require a reassessment of common referencing practices, such as title tags and title elements.

As you’ll see below, Google does not just match title tags and title elements to search queries.

If you want something to be considered, think about the relationship between the intention of the author of a content page and the intention of the researcher making the request.

Shopping sites must contain words such as “buy”, “buy” and “compare”. Information sites should not usually. These are signs of the author’s intention, which may not be discussed enough.

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