How To Do Social Bookmarking Submissions For SEO?

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SEO companies and companies charge dollars for professional SEO services to their clients and customers pay them happily because they get effective results.

Why do these people pay dollars to the company if they can learn SEO themselves by reading online tutorials and practicing them? The reason behind this is that if perfect search engine optimization can make up your blog ranking, then a bad SEO can completely ruin your blog.

That’s why it’s better to invest money in optimizing your blog. This investment will give you multiple benefits and your online business will grow. These companies are working on many strategies to optimize a website in order to bring it into the major search engines and today I will discuss one of the best SEO strategies, Social Bookmarking, which is part of SEO out -page.

How to do Social Bookmarking for SEO?

Doing SB is not hard work. Everybody can do it after mastering how to do it.First, you need to collect a list of the best social bookmarking sites so you can easily work on it. You can use this social bookmarking list to begin the method.

Once you are ready with the list, follow the steps below to make SB.

In this tutorial, I take an example of a very famous SB site, namely

1. Go to

Prearl Trees

2. Create an account by using gmail

3. Now click on the Login button along with your username and Password

PearlTrees Login

4. Then Click on Add Symbol there you got some options like collection, Import, WebPage,  Image, File, Note click on web page

pearltrees add

Webpage pearltrees

5. Then keep Url over there and click on ADD


Add and Submit your URL

6. You are Done!

SocialBookmarking Submissions done

There are many things to keep in mind when submitting. So be sure to do a social bookmarking carefully. Thank you! 🙂




4 comments on “How To Do Social Bookmarking Submissions For SEO?

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