Local Search Ranking Factors 2018: My Google Company Signals Up 32%

The impact of Google My Business on local search rankings has grown significantly in 2018, according to Moz’s survey of local search ranking factors in 2018. The results of the survey are largely similar to those of last year, with one exception.

Google My Business Signals now account for 25% of the most important factors in the Google Local Pack. This represents an increase from 19% in 2017. Features like Google Posts, Google Q & A, and image / video updates are often mentioned in the survey as leading signals.

Darren Shaw, founder of Whitespark, pointed out that it was always possible to go before these features before others: “Many companies are not yet investing in these aspects of local research. These features are therefore currently a competitive advantage”.

You should take some before everyone else does it. The more frequent use of these features tells Google that your company is actively collaborating with its customers. In addition, it creates content that users can click, which sends important user behavior signals to Google.

Other key results of the survey in addition to the rise of Google My Business signals, here are some other highlights of the survey: Revision signals are up 17% year-over-year and 43% higher than in 2015. The importance of keywords in comments is on the rise.

The links are still working as well. Quotes are down 37% but are considered no less important for local search. Major local negative ranking factors include incorrect information in an GMB list. The results of the 2018 Local Research Ranking Factor Survey are based on expert advice from local research authorities.


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