What are long tail keywords? What are the benefits of long tail keywords?

Are you tired of trying to rank yourself for the same keywords related to the high competition as your competitors?

I have two and a half words that will help you solve this problem: Keywords long tail.


Why should you care about long tail keywords?

Because they can generate a ton of traffic to your website with a high conversion rate and dramatically increase your company’s revenue.

What are the long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are these three and four key phrases that are very, very specific to what you are selling. You see, every time a customer uses a very specific search phrase, he tends to look for exactly what he’s going to buy.

Long-tail keywords are “unpopular” (i.e small) and highly targeted search queries that tend to convert exceptionally well.

Advantages of long-tail keywords:

  • Less competition.
  • Important traffic.
  • Better targeted traffic.
  • Higher conversion rates.
  • Long tails already include your main words.
  • Ideal for very competitive niches.
  • Customizing long times
  • Perfect for paying per click.


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